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Yoga with Melissa

Stretch, strengthen & restore the mind, body & soul

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

Yoga with Melissa           London 

Yoga with Melissa

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

About Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa, welcome to my yoga site. Let me tell you a bit about myself...


l started practising yoga in 2005, following a friend's recommendation to try a class. During the first few classes I was shown how to move and stretch in ways I wasn't used to, allowing my body to open up, be playful and move at its own pace. I began tuning into the body, igniting a sense of exploration and a feeling of calm and confidence.


As I developed a regular practice, I became aware of various physical and mental benefits. In particular, I was building upper as well as lower body strength, which I was thrilled about as I had always found it difficult to build strength in my arms. My stamina was also increasing making me realise the power of yoga in preparing for other physical pursuits I enjoyed, such as running and bike-rides. Together with this growing belief in my physical abilities, my focus and confidence were also improving, along with awareness, productivity and sense of overall calm.


After a year of practising at home and going to classes, I started to teach friends and family to help them with specific areas and continued to try different styles of yoga to develop my practice. About this time, I also began primary teacher-training and the support that yoga offered me during training and teaching was invaluable. It helped me to stay focused, calm, energised and almost cold-free, another bonus! I also got the opportunity to teach yoga to the children which they enjoyed, especially Warrior 2. Fast-forward some years and I am now teaching yoga as an instructor. Soon after I qualified (RYS 200hrs, Yoga Alliance), I spent a summer teaching ‘Yoga for Everyone’ to holiday-makers and locals in Rhodes (Greece) in the peaceful grassy moat of the medieval town.


I now teach Vinyasa Flow classes in London. The classes combine the breath, alignment and a sense of exploration to help students experience the dynamics and benefits of yoga. It would be great to see you! Namaste


Yoga with Melissa

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

     Yoga with Melissa        London

Yoga with Melissa

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

Corporate Classes

 Yoga offers an energetic boost and restorative break at any time during the day.

If you're interested in starting a class at work or would like to include as part of

a corporate wellness programme or specific event, then please contact me and take advantage of the

FREE 30-Minute Yoga Taster offer.   


I teach in and around London and will come to you. Classes can be tailored to meet client objectives and to suit all levels and spaces provided. Students need to bring their own mats and prices vary according to class length and number of students. It would be great to hear from you and to talk more about what you'd like.

Also available: Desk-Yoga, Wellbeing at Work (package includes yoga, breathwork and meditation to energise and relax) 

The Benefits: Yoga offers many physical and mental benefits (especially if we spend long periods sitting or working at a computer which help to re-charge the body and mind leaving us feeling refreshed, focused and happier. Some of the benefits include improving posture and immunity system; relieving back aches and neck and shoulder tension; boosting productivity, creativity, morale and camaraderie and; clearing the mind and increasing clarity.

"Yoga is 99% practise, 1% theory." Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
Yoga with Melissa           London 

Yoga with Melissa

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

Private Classes

Private classes offer the perfect opportunity to focus on specific needs / objectives and to practise and develop at your own pace, either independently or with friend/s. I would love to hear from you, please contact me for more information and to discuss ​your needs / objectives.


I would come to you and mats and equipment can be provided. Classes are customised to suit individuals / small groups and options are given to support and challenge students. Prices vary between £50 and £70 per class depending on location and class length. The 1st class is half price and the 10th class is free!

Maybe you would like to focus on health, fitness and/or wellbeing, or an area more specific, which might include but is not limited to the below:

Relieving asthma, shoulder or back issues.

Boosting energy, confidence or metabolism.

Finding calm, strength and de-stressing.

Preparing for a sports event.

Recovering from a sports injury.

Developing a personal practice.

Let's have a chat!

"Yoga is a dance between control and surrender - between pushing and letting go - and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process." Joel Kramer
What People Say

Yoga with Melissa

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

What People Say

What People Say...

Melissa is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher and her classes are both challenging and rewarding.  Melissa’s passion for yoga shines through her classes and ensures that you leave with a smile on your face! Lisa


I’m feeling week by week I’m learning more and really enjoying it so thank you. I also always have a really good sleep afterwards. Michelle

​​I have travelled a lot and always try yoga when I visit different places and this was very good, well done. Kay

​Thank you for my first wheel! James

You show a real passion for yoga with lovely energy, encouragement and instructions. David

Really enjoying your classes, I always look forward to them. Vanessa

I have practised Yoga previously using a DVD, however, Melissa’s Yoga Sessions show the correct form and postures required for each movement, Melissa is attentive and ensures that I am doing this correctly. I appreciate your help and support and the classes have been really lovely, it’s nice to learn in a positive environment. I can already feel and see a difference. Thank you. Gerri

Clear instructions and calming voice to encourage and guide. Laura

I felt very zen the next day, thank you. Rob

Clear instructions and very well-guided, perfect! Anna

Thank you for my first shoulder-stand! Joel

Really love your voice! Holly


Corporate Yoga

Get in touch




Instagram: yoga_with_melissa

Facebook: Yoga with Melissa

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Yoga with Melissa

Vinyasa Flow ~  Breathwork  ~  Meditation

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