Melissa is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher and her classes are both challenging and rewarding.  Melissa’s passion for yoga shines through her classes and ensures that you leave with a smile on your face! Lisa


I’m feeling week by week I’m learning more and really enjoying it so thank you. I also always have a really good sleep afterwards. Michelle


You show a real passion for yoga with lovely energy, encouragement and instructions. David

Clear instructions and very well-guided, perfect! Anna

Really enjoying your classes, I always look forward to them. Vanessa


I have practised Yoga previously using a DVD, however, Melissa’s Yoga Sessions show the correct form and postures required for each movement, Melissa is attentive and ensures that I am doing this correctly. I appreciate your help and support and the classes have been really lovely, it’s nice to learn in a positive environment. I can already feel and see a difference. Thank you. Gerri

Clear instructions and calming voice to encourage and guide. Laura


Thank you for my first shoulder-stand! Joel

Really love your voice. Holly


I felt very zen the next day, thank you. Rob

I have travelled a lot and always try yoga when I visit different places and this was very good, well done. Kay

Thank you for my first wheel! James